Network Cameras Simplified

Easy Setup

Easy setup with our “Zero-Router Configuration” technology. Anyone who knows how to connect their computer to a wireless network can easily set up the camera in minutes.


Access your cameras and captured events anytime, anywhere

Access your cameras and events from any computer

Need to access your camera, but don’t have your computer or phone with you? With Anytime, Anywhere Access – free with your SwannSmart by iSecurity subscription – you can securely access your cameras no matter where you are, from any computer connected to the Internet. Just visit and log in to your secure account.

Access from your smartphone

Just download the FREE SwannSmart by iSecurity app for your iPhone or Android and log in with your secure account to view, manage, and share your cameras.


Online Recording and Notification

Capture Events in the Cloud as they happen.

Rest Easy. With SwannSmart Snapshots your camera will automatically detect and record any events as they happen to one of our state-of-the-art data centers, where they form your Personal Security Cloud. SwannSmart helps you protect what matters; no more stolen or failed DVRs, as every event is captured and saved to your SwannSmart by iSecurity+ Cloud.

Stay in the Know

SwannSmart will alert you the instant an event occurs with mobile notifications. No matter where life takes you, you can have the peace of mind that comes with always being in the know.


Protect And Connect

Safe and Secure

We take strong measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion into your network camera. Unlike other network cameras (which force users to open ports and expose their cameras to the public internet), the SwannSmart Network Camera uses smart connect technology from iSecurity+ to sit protected behind your local network firewall and hidden from the public internet. Furthermore, we use industry level, 128-bit SSL (the same technology as used in online banking and e-commerce) to encrypt all video transmission channels so it’s protected end-to-end from the camera to you.

Share the Love

Easily and safely share your cameras with loved ones by sending them an invitation.